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Fuel System

Fuel System Service

Fuel system services aid in the restoration of engine performance and fuel economy while preventing future problems. Our technicians completed over 260,000 fuel cleaning and injector maintenance last year. Make an appointment immediately to have a licensed automotive specialist near you restart your car’s engine.

Every Fuel System Service Package Comes With

Certified technician provides service.

Enhanced engine performance

Carbon footprint is reduced

Aladdin’s 3-Step Fuel Injection and Throttle Body Service Package

With our 3-Step Fuel Injection and Throttle Body Service Package, you can easily restore the performance of your engine at a low cost. This service removes carbon buildup from fuel injectors, valves, and combustion chambers.


Service of injector throttle bodies, including cleaning and adjusting components

Cleaner for the In-Tank Fuel System

Cleaning of the fuel injection system

Visual examination of gasoline lines

Acceleration and smooth idle have been restored.

Engine bangs, pings, and rough starts are no longer present.

Do You Need Help Choosing the Best Service?

Always consult your vehicle’s owner’s handbook to determine suggested service intervals. If you want more assistance, make an appointment with one of our qualified automotive specialists near you, and we will prescribe the fuel system cleaning that is most suited to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my car’s fuel system need to be cleaned?

Deposits accumulate in your fuel system as a result of constant use, impairing its capacity to distribute gas properly. Cleaning the deposits can help restore the fuel economy and performance of your car. Schedule an appointment with Aladdin now if you find your engine’s performance deteriorating.

What are the benefits of having a fuel system cleaning service?

The following are some of the advantages of having our skilled specialists clean your vehicle’s fuel system:


  • improved gas mileage
  • enhanced engine performance
  • Carbon footprint is reduced.
  • Engine bangs, pings, and rough starts are no longer present.
  • Acceleration and smooth idle have been restored.
  • Protection against potential future repairs

*** Servicing a hybrid vehicle usually requires removal of trunk access panel for power supply access, shut off and reconnection

*** Hybrid vehicle service will result in an additional $15.00 fee

A shop supply fee will be an additional charge (except in NY and CA) of 9.99% up to $35.00. Each individual work order will identify and apply any applicable shop supply charge.