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AC Services

Air Conditioning Services

Keep your car cool and comfy throughout the hot summer months. At Aladdin, our ASE-certified technicians will diagnose and fix any problems with your vehicle’s air conditioning system for free*. Just one year, our technicians completed 42,000 air conditioning repairs. Make an appointment to get your air conditioner fixed near you!

Quick Check of the A/C

With the Free Aladdin A/C Quick Check, you’ll be set for summer road trips and scorching weather. A technician near you will physically evaluate your vehicle’s A/C system to decide if extra diagnostic testing is required or if a refrigerant charge-and-go will suffice.

  • The examination of outlet temperatures is used to assess cooling performance.
  • Examine the system pressure values.
  • Recommendations for the best diagnostic service to resolve problems – Further fees may apply for additional diagnostics.
  • Correcting problems may necessitate additional fees.

Evaluation of the HVAC System

A leak might be one of the numerous reasons why your car’s air conditioning isn’t operating as well as it used to. Have an ASE-certified technician near you inspect your vehicle’s system to discover whether a leak is the source of the problem.

  • The examination of outlet temperatures is used to assess cooling performance.
  • Check the system pressure
  • Visual examination of air conditioning components
  • A blacklight inspection of your A/C system that uses an infusion of UV dye and 5 ounces of refrigerant to course through the system and exposes leaks.
  • There are situations when a vehicle must be driven for a period of time before a leak may be detected.
  • The cost of the refrigerant is not included.

Evaluation of A/C Components

If your vehicle has refrigerant but isn’t blowing cold air, have an ASE-certified technician do a comprehensive diagnostic of the AC system components in your vehicle.

  • Electrical diagnostic
  • Component diagnostic
  • Check Compressor, Condensor, belts, AC clutch, AC Relays/Switches/Sensor, blend door actuators

Recharge and Evacuate

Bring your car’s A/C system back up to speed with the help of a competent automotive repair and fight the summer heat. Our ASE-certified experts will ensure optimal A/C system levels by recovering and recharging your system to specifications in an ecologically responsible manner

  • Environmentally safe evacuation and recovery of old refrigerant, as well as correct recharging to requirements
  • Drive belt tension inspection and adjustment
  • Cleaning of debris and grime from condenser fins Outlet temperature analysis to measure cooling performance
  • Examine the controls, blower motor, engine cooling fan, and blend door actuators for correct operation.
  • The cost of the refrigerant is not included.

Package of MiST In-Car Air Quality Services

Our MiST In-Car Air Quality Service Package is a quick service that eliminates mold, mildew, and bacteria from your vehicle’s ventilation system and restores your air quality.

  • Microdroplets are sucked into the vents of your car, where they treat the whole ventilation system, including the evaporator, heater core, air ducts, and passenger compartment surfaces.
  • Mold, mildew, and germs are effectively treated.
  • The odor-eliminating technology in your car keeps it smelling fresh and clean.
  • MiST is a solution for bettering automobile air quality.
  • It makes it easier for you and your family to breathe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my car’s AC blowing warm air?

There are various reasons why your car, truck, or SUV’s air conditioner is only blowing warm air. A refrigerant leak, a worn-out compressor, or electrical system difficulties are three typical reasons. Make an appointment with an ASE-certified technician in your area, and we will diagnose and repair the problem.

What are the signs of a malfunctioning car air conditioning system?

The AC blowing warm air, hearing loud or weird noises when the AC is turned on, and the development of peculiar mildew-like odors emanating from the AC vents are all symptoms that your car’s air conditioning system is failing. Make an appointment with Aladdin now to have an ASE-certified technician repair your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

How do I know if my AC system is leaking?

Because refrigerant evaporates when it comes into contact with air, leaks might be difficult to detect without a good diagnostic examination. The use of UV dye and refrigerant injection should be included in a full AC leak examination. Schedule an appointment at your nearest Aladdin and one of our experts will perform a blacklight examination of your vehicle’s air conditioning system to diagnose or rule out an AC system leak.

* Not available in the state of California

** Plus the cost of refrigerant

*** Servicing a hybrid vehicle usually requires removal of trunk access panel for power supply access, shut off and reconnection

A shop supply fee will be an additional charge (except in NY and CA) of 9.99% up to $35.00. Each individual work order will identify and apply any applicable shop supply charge