Air Filter Affecting Your Car Performance - Call (708) 925-9202
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Air Filter Replacement

Filter Replacement

Filters are critical to the health of your car. As they deteriorate, so does the performance of your car. In 2019, our technicians replaced over 300,000 filters. Schedule a vehicle maintenance appointment near you today, and we’ll ensure that your car’s filters are working properly.

What is included in the Filter Replacement Service?

Detailed filter assessment

Replacement filter by brands you trust

Professional installation by licensed technicians

Installation of an Air Filter

Air filters prevent hazardous airborne particles from wreaking havoc on your car’s engine and performance. We inspect your air filter at every oil change and recommend changing it at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals.

  • It prevents dangerous contaminants from entering the engine.
  • Enhances engine efficiency

Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters shield car occupants from outside pollutants, allergies, mold spores, and other airborne particles while you drive. For particular cabin air filter replacement periods, consult your owner’s handbook. We recommend that cabin air filters be checked every 12,000 miles.

  • Protection for the driver and passengers from outside contaminants 
  • Aids in the removal of allergens

Installation of a Fuel Filter

Pollutants are kept out of crucial engine parts by using fuel filters. Clogged gasoline filters might restrict gas from reaching your engine, causing it to operate poorly.


Assists in maintaining engine efficiency

Engine parts are protected from potential harm.

Replacement of Automatic Transmission Filter with Complete Fluid Change

Transmission fluid lubricates the transmission, allowing it to transmit power through your vehicle. Transmission filters catch harmful particles that accumulate in the fluid and keep them from causing damage.

  • Every filter replacement necessitates a complete fluid change.
  • Protection against particle accumulation in fluid
  • Transmission life is extended

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which air filter is best for my vehicle?

First, see your owner’s handbook for service intervals and filter recommendations. The greatest air filter promotes the free flow of air for maximum horsepower while keeping trash out of the engine. Our qualified automotive specialists near you can help you choose the proper air filter for your vehicle.

Why should I change my cabin air filter?

Cabin air filters are intended to protect drivers and passengers from pollutants and contaminants such as pollen, smoke, smog, mildew, dander, fungus, mold spores, dust, and others. Keeping harmful toxins out of your car’s cabin promotes excellent health.

What could happen if my fuel filter clogs?

Failure to change the gasoline filter when the manufacturer recommends might result in a decrease in your vehicle’s performance. Contaminants that would ordinarily be gathered in a clean gasoline filter are not collected over time. These pollutants have the potential to harm critical engine components.

What does a transmission filter do?

The transmission filter collects undesired particles, such as metal shards and other debris, that accumulate in your transmission fluid over time. These particles can cause wear on your transmission and perhaps costly damage.